What is license plate cloning? What should you do if your license plate is cloned?

When you plan to buy a used vehicle, there are things that you should check in prior to buying the vehicle. In the recent times, the fraudulent activities relating to vehicles keep increasing. In order to escape the trap of fraudsters, it is best to be precautious. One such trap that fraudsters create is the cloned number plate.

What is license plate cloning and why do they do it?

It is when a license plate number of a particular car is taken, or stolen and assigned the same on another car. A license plate has more information about the vehicle than any other. With a license plate check of a car, the car’s entire history can be known. If that license plate is cloned and fixed on another vehicle, it would make the later vehicle liable to all the claims of the previous vehicle.

Whoever clones the plates does so for two reasons: Either to avoid the claims of the vehicle, or to impose the claim on another person.

How do we find out if the license plate is cloned?

It would be mandatory to check if you are going to buy a used vehicle. When you are buying a used vehicle, it is possible for the seller to hide some information. If he turns out to be a fraudster, he would have deliberately cloned the number plate. To avoid this trap, and to be precautious, you can use the following steps:

  1. Check if the number plate matches the VIN number and the registration number on the V5 document
  2. Get a full history check, and check the number plate changes of the vehicle.

If your number plate is cloned, what should you do?

It would take some time for you to figure out that your number plate has been cloned. You would come to know only when you have been imposed with fine for the offense you have not been committed. If you are in that situation, it is possible that your plate has been cloned. In such situations there are things that you can do, such as

  1. Collecting the proof to show that you have not committed the offense that you are charged
  2. Contact the police to nab the fraudster who is imposing this claim onto your car
  3. Contact the DVLA and inform them with details about the same

How to avoid the trap of number plate being cloned?

There are a few preventive measures that you can take to prevent your license plates being cloned. To start with,

  1. Buy a license plate from the supplier who is registered with the DVLA.
  2. Get a personalized number plate as it is less likely to be cloned for its uniqueness.
  3. Keep photos of your car to distinguish your car from the rest of the same model cars.
  4. Attaching a dash camera also could help you sometimes by showing the whereabouts of your vehicle in times of the crimes registered.
License plate check

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